Group Therapy

Group therapy is a very powerful therapy modality. Sheila Greenberg and Hank Schneider have been co-facilitating interpersonal therapy groups since 1992. These therapy groups are unstructured, long-term groups that allow individuals to work on interpersonal issues in a safe, controlled and supportive environment. Our therapy groups provide a social learning laboratory in which you can improve your relationships with others. What you learn by working on and understanding your relationships with other members can then carry over into your relationships outside of the therapy group.  Group therapy can be described as a  "lab" section of your course on life and relationships. Group treatment is recommended for those who have difficulty establishing and maintaining close and gratifying personal relationships.

With the help of group therapy, the changes that we have seen people make in their lives have been truly inspirational. Contact either Hank or Sheila for more information on our dynamic and powerful therapy groups. Email us using the form below or call the office at 573-446-6290 and ask to speak with either Hank or Sheila.
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